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Curt came as a great blessing to me, especially at a time when I needed a very good attorney to deal with my utterly complicated case. His thorough knowledge of the law and my case helped me a great deal. I would gladly and proudly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a smart lawyer.
— JP, New Jersey

He has been, and will continue to be the only lawyer I will ever turn to. He is a genius when it comes to the rule book, knows every law backwards and forwards, but what’s most important is that he genuinely cares about his clients and what they’re going through and facing. He will stand by your side from beginning to the end. I have been putting my full faith and trust in him for over 8 years and I have no reason to ever stop.
— AN, New Jersey

If you want someone to be honest, real, but caring at the same time, I know of no other than Mr. Curtis LaForge who can truly fulfill the definition of what it means to be the among the best of the best lawyers in the country. I’d recommend and obviously hire him again without a second thought.
— ON, New Jersey

For me, there’s only one man who I can trust and fully put my faith in when it comes to helping me through some of the roughest and most painful of cases, and that man is Curtis LaForge.
— YM, New Jersey

Curt can usually be hired by referral only and his specialty is absolutely criminal defense. He has secured me two not-guilty verdicts and one outright dismissal in the three criminal cases that he defended me on. Two of the cases were considered unwinnable by most lawyers I consulted yet Mr. LaForge delivered.
— RY, New Jersey